Cold and flu season 2014 our worst yet

Body image and health, Sole parenting

What a cold and flu season 2014 has been here at BBHQ! Just as I was getting stuck in to my blogging course, Blog with Pip, I came down with my second ear infection on top of what has seemed like a three month cold. Then my niece was infected with the same dreaded aural urgy meaning… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Stocktaking my life

Blogging, Mental health

For the last couple of weeks I've been participating in Blog with Pip, a really cool blogging course by Pip Lincolne - crafter and blogger extraordinaire. As part of the course Pip suggested we do a "taking stock" post. I thought it was a really good idea to see what's going on in my life… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Sometimes I miss my pre sobriety life

Addiction, Mental health, Sole parenting

For quite a while now I've come to the realisation that sobriety has come at a cost that I never anticipated when I started this journey over six years ago. Sometimes I miss my old life and that makes me feel bad. For a person who doesn't work and is mum to only one child I… Click to continue reading this juicy post


The best two ingredient carrot cake recipe

Sole parenting

I've discovered the most delicious two ingredient carrot cake recipe that I just must share with you! But first, I have a confession to make. Things haven't been so bright and happy in real life as my new website design is attempting to portray. I've been pretty down actually. There's been good days, bad days… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Blogging: Why I write


I was handed the baton to this bloghop that's been doing the rounds for quite a while by the lovely and ever so informative Tegan at Musings of the Misguided. I'm a little late to the party as I've been spending my blogging hours revamping this little ol' space of mine. But here goes... I… Click to continue reading this juicy post