Choosing to be a single mother

Sole parenting

When I started this post I was going to write about how hard I think parenting is. About how I feel like every single decision I make when it comes to my son is wrong. The first title I had for it was "If you think parenting is easy, you're doing it wrong". But for some… Click to continue reading this juicy post

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Crunchy nutty granola recipe

Body image and health

One of my favourite meals of the day is breakfast. I also love lunch and dinner of course. Afternoon and morning tea are pretty good too actually. Basically I love food. While I do have fairly broad tastes, I can be a little fussy on some things. The granola I eat is one of those… Click to continue reading this juicy post

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I want an iPhone 6 Plus


I am so excited about the new iPhone 6 Plus coming out late next week. I'm like a kid on Christmas eve, gagging to see what Santa has left for me under the tree. To me, there is nothing more exciting than getting a new tech gadget and discovering all of its latest features. Looking through the announcements about… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Blogging for social good

Addiction, Blogging, Mental health

In the last year or so I've asked myself over and over why I have a blog. I've written about it a stack of times. And you're probably sick of my introspection. Get on with it, Vanessa! I might hear you say. Or maybe that's just one of the voices in my head... Anyway, I've been to three… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Mental health: A ‘good’ day in the life of me

Blogging, Mental health

This post has been weeks in the making. But there's been the never ending flu season and some serious technical issues with my blog that have made it hard to get back into the rhythm of things here at As I've mentioned several times I've been doing Pip Lincoln's Blog with Pip course.  It… Click to continue reading this juicy post