Can you have fun at a dance party while sober?

Addiction, Mental health

I think I can actually remember the first time I stood by a dance floor in a nightclub. The music pounding, the darkness in the room pierced by coloured light that throbbed with the beat. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and not that safe, the shadows not helping my social awkwardness. Strobe lights only revealed slices of… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Living with ADHD

Addiction, Mental health

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 2012 but I have been living with ADHD all my life... I started writing this post days ago but of course I keep getting distracted. Distraction is one of the symptoms of ADHD. So is forgetfulness, lack of impulse control, low concentration, fidgeting when expected to be still… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Mental Health Month

Mental health

In case you didn't already know, October is Mental Health Month which coincides with World Mental Health Day on 10 October. Here in New South Wales the theme this year is "beYOUnique" and "Stress Less". You might be wondering why, seven days into October I am only now just mentioning it. Especially considering I'm a mental illness blogger. Is… Click to continue reading this juicy post


My most popular pin on Pinterest


Pinterest can be so much fun. I can spend hours scrolling through the endless recipes, knitting patterns, haircuts, nail art and fashion photos that make up my feed. I don't hang out on Pinterest regularly. It's more of a casual relationship, unlike Facebook for instance. Facebook and I are going steady. I'm certainly not an… Click to continue reading this juicy post


Avoid blogging when angry

Blogging, Mental health

Avoid blogging when angry. No good can come from spewing forth vitriol that might not even mean so much if you just waited a couple of hours and calmed down. (Note: I wrote this last night. I was going to hit publish at about midnight but decided, after consultation with a fellow blogger, to hold… Click to continue reading this juicy post